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Our club is open 7 days in week. Opening hours from 23:00 (charge) with podium dancers all night long and feature shows every night there's more entertainment then any one person could handle!  Tipping money is available and these girls are always willing to please.


Gogo Girls strip club you choose the strippers are equal and the most sexy

The strip clubs of Tel Aviv, advantage, are truly the most amazing strippers clubs in Tel Aviv, the downside .. It's addictive! Who regularly comes Gogo Girls strip club in Tel Aviv, not to persuade, but if if you're undecided, let's attempt to first drink on us. Treat yourself. Staff welcomed strip club in Tel Aviv Gogo, Gogo Girls strip club is open 7 days a week from 22:30 until late at night, if you want to edit our Bachelor Party Contact phone 053-5552500, 03-5256688

Two parking lots for those who arrive to Gogo Girls strip club parking available Mughrabi at the corner of Allenby and Ben Yehuda Pinsker and additional parking possible on the street corner Tchernichovsky Maccabee, for more information and assistance with regard to a strip club Gogo Girls We are also available by email gogotelaviv@gmail.com Notice , a strip club Gogo Girls also provides a possible approach for people with disabilities.


GOGO Club Reveals

Fun is guaranteed
Beautiful girls
Alcohol and quality music


Bachelor Parties Only at GOGO Club Period

Why You Should Celebrate Bachelor Party at GOGO Club?

1. The most luxurious place in the country is the only place in the country that has two floors on the first floor decorated with sofas compounds are closed so you and your friends sitting together your site to your table and nobody bothers you. In addition to VIP complex on the second floor balcony to watch the performances on stage (no extra charge)
2. The club has extensive experience in producing bachelor party groom and club staff will do everything to the groom will get the best.
3. Please note our girls give priority to the tables of bachelor parties.
4. Tight waitress will serve your table and will be available throughout the evening for you.
5. surprises groom approval of course only will our daughters groom stage show that he would not forget all his life in addition to the groom will receive a gift from the club.
6. 30 beautiful models and strippers fluid will surprise you every step of your bachelor party tonight.
7. The most professional DJ playing at parties in the country and most are considered to give you the best contemporary music and will make you happy groom
8. 20 performances not seen in the country on the main stage, especially in the evening of Bachelor Party.
9. The most luxurious VIP rooms.
10. Orders over 10 people will get us a bottle of vodka + xl gift and addition groom will enter the club free.

Our Special

  • Strippers
    Gogo Girls Club dancing every night dozens of strippers who are also our bachelor party strippers...
  • VIP Floor
    For privacy reasons, the VIP floor with Gogo Girls Girls...
  • Bachelor party packages
    Stag do Gogo Girls dot. Why do Gogo bachelor party? Stag do Gogo Girls dot. Why do Gogo bachelor...

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